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How Label AI works

Your employees or students Labeled data Your raw data for machine learning

Ultimate tools

Image/Video Annotation

Annotate your images and videos for object detection or image segmentation.

Audio Transcription

Transcribe audio of a single or muliple source to text.

OCR Transcription

Turn pictures with text or scanned documents into digital text.


Categorize your data into pre-defined classes.


Compare multiple samples or create a questionnaire for survey-like data types.

Data Collection

Do you have an idea for the AI application but no data? Don’t worry. We will collect and label them for you.


vs. self hosted

All data is stored on our secured high-performance server, similarly to banks, and you can label them using our online tools. However, we also enable on premise installation for those requiring the highest degree of security.

Clear and
intuitive interface

Tools are designed by our experienced UX designers for clear and intuitive labelling and access to important information such as the amount of already labelled data

Collaboration between multiple users

Do you need the labels as soon as possible or as reliable as possible. Let multiple users collaborate on the same labelling task. For reliability, you can specify the amount of random data samples which will be either verified by another user or labelled by multiple users independently.

Self labelling vs labelling on demand

You can use our labelling tools by yourself or you can leave labelling or even data collection to us.


Make the labeling entertaining and attractive by awarding top performing users. We will help you to collect statistics and attract attract users to do the job.


For universities or public usage.


For professional freelancers or small companies.

Self hosted

For enterprises.
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